The Russian Fashion Blog Book Review: Russian Elegance

Book Review: Russian Elegance

Book Review: Russian EleganceRUSSIAN ELEGANCE: Country & City Fashion from the 15th to the Early 20th Century
By L. V. Efimova and T. S. Aleshina
Vivays Publishing, 195 pages, illustrated

In the beginning of the 18th century Russia experienced abrupt political, economic and social changes, implemented by Peter the Great’s steady hand. Among his many reforms, Peter promoted social modernization by requiring courtiers, state officials and the military to shave their beards and wear European dress. Thanks to him (I say it ironically), from 1700 up until the present time European fashion has been considered superior to Russian.

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  • Diana Mamlieva

    Dear Russian Fashion Blog, thank you for this great review. I am from Russia and it makes me so proud to see books about Russian Fashion being published. Diana (

  • Fashiontemptationblog

    Wow!such a good book! Amasing pictures. I am going to order it. Thanks for good review!