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Russian Style Bloggers

I was delighted to see that my other feature about Russian bloggers turned out to be insanely popular. The blog of yours truly is often found by keywords “Russian fashion blogger”, so, as I may not be exactly what you are looking for because I’m FROM but not IN Russia,  I will regularly post about other fabulous bloggers who is 100% Russian (or Ukrainian! Ukrainian bloggers, get ready :)).

And do you know what is great about Russian style bloggers? Most of them write both in Russian and English!

Personal Style

Russian Doll by Juliet Polilova, a pretty 19-years-old blogger from Moscow, who is very active in different online fashion communities and has been featured in Russian offline press as well as at and in Malaysian newspaper The Star (I guess she now has huge Malaysian followership. How cool is that?)

Russian Style Bloggers

Photo by Marie Markova

Fashion Not Fashion 
Anastasia Kuzmina from Moscow is a professional blogger, freelance journalist and a dreamer. She dreams about living in a beautiful country where sun always shines and all people are beautiful. She doesn’t actually write about any of these things, it is just the feeling that you get while reading her blog, so I visit it often for a blast of positive energy.

Russian Style Bloggers

Fashion Mind is both a style and inspiration blog by Nataly Romashko, a make up artist and stylist from St Petersburg. Apart from posting her own looks she writes about everything beautiful and unusual, from cabbage dresses to Britney Spears.

Russian Style Bloggers

Pic on the left is via

We Inspire Us 
Kamilla from Kazan has a fun and eclectic style. She is an expert in mixing the unmixable, clashing colors and constantly shifting her style from rock chic to feminine.

Russian Style Bloggers

Street Style

A group of street style bloggers from St Petersburg with an unmatched sense of humor. I love reading their comments maybe even more than the looks themselves.
They are also on Blogger and Twitter

Russian Style Bloggers

If you hate reading (and/or translating from Russian), this is a great place for flipping through hundreds of Russian street style looks:

Russian Style Bloggers



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