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Fall Shopping

Fall Shopping

We’ve been waiting for it the whole summer! Now, when ‘the January of fashion’ has finally arrived, it is a great time to do some shopping. Today we invited Tanya Gabrielyan of Bridge Showroom to share her fashion picks for this fabulous season.

Buyers tell us they buy what they love and what they can sell. Trends matter less, it is about falling for a dress. And this is why it is so important that designers bring back their signature looks – looks that customers respond to and recognize, fall in love with… Looks that will stand the test of time.

For fall we have our eyes on:

Konsanszky tailored little black dress. Konsanszky dresses are always calculated and perfectly proportioned, also with a kind of couture sensibility.

Chapurin sequined tunic dress is pragmatic and casual, while classically elegant and glamorous. And most importantly, it is instantly recognizable Chapurin style.

Podolyan grey and coral day dress. Podolyan is a master of luxe sportswear style, creating understated silhouettes that are at once eye-catching and wearable.

Bobkova tuxedo vest is a show-stopping piece that pushes fashion’s boundaries while being extremely functional. Architectural tailoring reveals itself from every angle in this strong unisex piece. A perfect layer to add structure and poise to your casual look.

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  • A Heart for Hermès

    Wow, nice dresses, I especially like the second one!

  • Evgenia Dorofeeva

    Bobkova tuxedo vest is probably my favourite out of all. Something so structural is hard to pull off in regards to the body type, but it’s a stunning piece to wear if it suits you.