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Bobkova Spring 2013

Bobkova Spring 2013

Christina Bobkova’s new collection for the spring-summer 2013 season proved to be one of the highlights of the Ukrainian Fashion Week that took place back in October this year. Known for her strong aesthetic that emphasizes the idea of a modern, confident and adventurous woman, the designer did not disappoint, showing a collection of structural, experimental and desirable pieces.

Devoid of predictable bright colours and off-white variations that tend to dominate every spring-summer season, the collection offers an array of grey shades, a somber palette enlivened by pleasant pops of vivid blue sub-tones. This seemingly out of place combination was inspired by the early waking hours, first rays of sunshine and the invigorating energy of a new day. According to the designer, the inspiration is closely connected to the natural transition from a long, grey and daunting winter to a highly-awaited bright and colourful spring, when the dark and glooming sky gradually reveals all shades of blue, as is evident in the collection in question. The world is once again reinvented, awaken and vivacious, just like the Bobkova woman of this season.

This sense of revived strength and vitality can also be traced in the tailoring and silhouettes of the pieces in the collection. Signature innovative cuts once again dominate the looks which feel very modern, practical, and yet retain their sense of singularity. Various asymmetric shapes only benefit from the rather restrained colour combination, as it does not distract us from seeing the superb execution of complex cuts, creating a stronger visual impression in the process. Unrestricted by patterns or embroideries, the collection essentially conjures up the image of a strong woman in harmony with herself and the ever-changing outside world.

As if structure and colour palette were not enough to convey her inspiration, Bobkova reinforces the impression of a modern revival in her design of the shoes that were chosen to accompany every look on the runway. Unconventional like the other elements of the collection, the shoes do notably bear a tangible likeness to the winged sandals of the Greek god Hermes, who was seen not only as a divine courier, but also as a symbol of transitions and boundaries of physical and spiritual nature. Crossing those boundaries and transcending the expectations that are imposed on her, is precisely what the woman of the Bobkova world continues to accomplish in yet another strong collection of the Ukrainian designer.

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