The Russian Fashion Blog Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

…as seen on Russian and Ukrainian catwalks.

Something old, something new… This season we will see both new and exciting things and old trends declining to fade away. Some global trends failed to bloom on Russian and Ukrainian catwalks, like the sixties’ silhouettes, burglar stripes and sheer inserts, while others have been brilliantly foreseen and even improved. Click through to see which ones!

Bold ruffles

This summer there isn’t such thing as too many ruffles, frills and flounces. They are added as detail to accentuate a feminine silhouette or appear in strange places, distorting proportions.

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

1 – Avtandil, 2 – Vika Gazinskaya, 3 – Podolyan

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

1 – Viva Vox, 2 – Anna Bublik, 3 – Olena Dats


It suddenly became fashionable to have a piece of fabric hanging alongside your body. Thanks to Raf Simons, you might think. Well… the Ukrainian label Kamenskayakononova has posted this photo, made in their studio one day before Christian Dior show, proving that trends are something that’s in the air.

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

1 – Kamenskayakononova, 2 – Avtandil, 3 – Olena Dats

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

1- Artemklimchuk, 2 – Kamenskayakononova, 3 – Anna October

Aqua means water

There are several pretty obvious trends for spring, like white, safari and flower prints, and water belongs to that pack. There is a hidden perk: you can buy one of these timeless designs now and wear it again when the trend is back!

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

1 – Lena Vasilyeva, 2 – Chapurin, 3 – Bobkova

True blue

If you have never fancied wearing blue, now is a good time to make friends with this intense color, as it is taking over the fashion world for Spring 2013. Designers used almost each and every shade of blue, so it is easy to find your own.

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

1 – Chapurin, 2 – Dasha Gauser, 3 – LUBLU by Kira Plastinina

Restless red

If your summer isn’t hot enough, you might want to put on a dress that would virtually set you afire. Anybody would look good in red, it can be worn for almost every occasion and on top of that it is one of the hottest trends! How much happier can a girl be?

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

1 – Bevza, 2 – Marchi, 3 – Domanoff

Plain tops

If you know anybody who still thinks that Russian fashion means short, pink and low-cut, tell her about this blog ;) because there is nothing further from the truth than that. In fact, this season the catwalks were flooded with tons of deceivingly simple, voluminous and unassuming tops.

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

1 – Bevza, 2 – Poustovit, 3 – Litkovskaya

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

1 – Nadya Dzyak, 2 – Vika Gazinskaya, 3 – Kamenskayakononova

Wicked skirts

When tops are plain, skirts go crazy. We’ve had mini, midi and maxi trends flashing by over the course of just few years, so what’s left there to surprise us? Designers have thought it over very well and produced some of the craziest and complicated designs ever seen.

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

1 – BEKh, 2 – Nadya Dzyak, 3 – Litkovskaya

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

1, 3 – Viva Vox, 2 – Pirosmani


One of the trends that failed to take off in Russia and Ukraine. Maybe because for people living that close to the East it is really nothing new…

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

1 – Bobkova, 2 – Kamenskayakononova, 3 – Elena Reva

Luxe lace

And the last but not the least! Lace is the symbol of romance, delicacy and innocence which makes it an ideal pick for warmer weather. Several designers, including RUBAN and A La Russe, opted for femininity this summer and produced an array of splendid lace pieces.

Spring 2013 Fashion Trends

1 – A La Russe, 2 – RUBAN, 3 – Olena Dats

Which trend are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments!

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