The Russian Fashion Blog Fall 2013 Fashion Trends Part 2

Fall 2013 Fashion Trends Part 2

The gray coat

This year’s gray coat is anything but dull! A menswear inspired piece seen on the runways in prominently below the knee lengths with double lapel collars, this overcoat works over anything, and will keep you warm all season long. Wear with tights and a chunky heel, as seen at Przhonskaya, so as not to let the coat overwhelm you.

Fall 2013 Fashion Trends Part 2

Litkovskaya, Przhonskaya, Vika Gazinskaya

The cape

The Medieval cape has been revived and brought back to modern day life. Sleek and streamlined, the cape is a sophisticated topper for pants or dresses. Did we mention it’s hands-free? Options include slits at the arms, front closures, and hoods. What a cozy and chic way to stay bundled!

Fall 2013 Fashion Trends Part 2

Vika Gazinskaya, Arsenicum, LUBLU Kira Plastinina


At times, all-encompassing winter wear in heavy fabrications can be downright stifling! It may be cold outside but we still need a little room to breathe, especially when wearing some of fashion’s heaviest materials. Sleeveless cuts are common and also function as a great mechanism for layering.

Fall 2013 Fashion Trends Part 2

Kamenskayakononova, Bevza, Viva Vox

Oversized jacket

The round-shouldered jacket is a bold statement piece. Full of style and attitude, the edgy silhouette is reminiscent of the 80’s. Cropped lengths work well in this style so as not to overwhelm the feminine figure. It is all about proportions. Domanoff nails a high fashion look by pairing this jacket in a cropped shape with a flowing blouse, tailored ankle pant, and booties.

Fall 2013 Fashion Trends Part 2

Chapurin, Domanoff, Sasha Kanevski

Fancy Fur

Prints come to life in fur! With the help of some talented craftsmanship, furs take on a geometric character for Fall. Ground in neutral color palettes, these pieces are wearable to any occasion. Be prepared to spice things up with fancy fur!

Fall 2013 Fashion Trends Part 2

Viva Vox, Valentin Yudashkin, Leonid Alexeev

Short flouncy dress

This new shape is here to stay. Shift-like in nature and a bit over-sized, the short flounce dress has a cool-girl personality. It hangs away from the body, so you can be prepared to showcase a whole lotta leg! Top off the look with a great stiletto.

Fall 2013 Fashion Trends Part 2

LUBLU Kira Plastinina, Chapurin, Yasya Minochkina

Fall 2013 Fashion Trends Part 2

Jealousy, Nadya Dzyak, Elena Burba


In fashion, we often say “what is hinted at one season becomes full blown the next.” This rings true for the peplum. Ladylike to the tee, the peplum remains on sheath dresses this Fall but becomes exaggerated and takes on a longer length. Overall hemlines are getting longer as well to compensate, with skirts falling at or below the knee. RUBAN’s nude and green dress is a great example.

Fall 2013 Fashion Trends Part 2

RUBAN, Paskal, Nadya Dzyak


Strapless silhouettes are a confident and sexy way to show a little skin. Once again, longer lengths are seen on bottoms paired with strapless tops. Another style note: slicked-back hair further accentuates those bare shoulders and collarbone.

Fall 2013 Fashion Trends Part 2

Yulia Nikolaeva, Elenareva, Trofymenko

Flowing back

Airy and ethereal, the silhouette of the season flows behind you like wings. Lightweight chiffons work well in carrying movement through a flowing back. The shape is graceful and will make you feel like a goddess. Let those locks flow freely in one of these numbers!

Fall 2013 Fashion Trends Part 2

LUBLU Kira Plastinina, Chapurin, Viva Vox


Gloves creep up from the hand and right over the forearm, sometimes up to the bicep! Leather is the material of the season when it comes to Fall/Winter 2013-14 gloves. Finger cutouts are common (all the better to text with), as are feminine details such as ruffles.

Fall 2013 Fashion Trends Part 2

Kamenskayakononova, Artemklimchuk, Alexander Aroutyunov

How would you incorporate the Fall trends into your wardrobe?

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