The Russian Fashion Blog Gabilo “Melancholy” F/W 2010 Teaser

Gabilo “Melancholy” F/W 2010 Teaser

Russian haute couture jewelry designer Alexey Gabilo presents his fall-winter 2010-11 collection in this film that features, among other items, his signature masks.

Acousmatic: Vera Ivanova
Directed, cut, camera: Andrey Nikolaev
Starring: Natasha Sych
Styling: Danila Polyakov
Producer: Oleg Rozenthal

The acousmatic composition «Melancholy» (2001) was created in Moscow at the Theremin Center. All sounds in the composition are derived from the pre-recorded voice of the British singer Judith Caplan, while she was performing vocal composition «Un~Now» (a setting of Daniil Kharms poem of the same name in English translation). Both compositions («Un~Now» and «Melancholy», which is the second part of «Panic. Melancholy»), have received prizes at international competitions (see detailed information at

One of the phrases from the vocal compostition «Un~Now» was the main source of both inspiration and sound material (which was modified in several computer programs): «We’re melancholy, we think and languish». This phrase reflects the emotional content video, created by creative director Alexey Gabilo and director Andrei Nikolayev – a state of somber reflection of a creative person.

As an allegoric image, melancholy has found its embodiment in works of many visual artists. One of the most well-known works is the engraving by Albrecht Dürer «Melancholy I» («Melencolia I», 1514), which depicts a winged woman, sitting motionless in the center of the image, and holding a compass in one hand. One of the common interpretations of this image is an allegoric representation of the power and limitations of the human mind.


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