The Russian Fashion Blog Fall Trend To Wear Now: Grunge

Fall Trend To Wear Now: Grunge

Fall Trend To Wear Now: Grunge

If you kept that now-vintage Nirvana concert tee from back in the day, we’re talking circa the 1990’s, bring it out! Is it tattered and torn decades later? All the better!

Fashions come and go; yet somehow they manage to repeat themselves. This year we are going back to the ’90′s with a full-fledged grunge redemption. Casual, and somewhat haphazard, grunge is fairly easy to pull off. The look is pared down and raw – a down-to-earth form of punk. It does not put on a spectacle; rather it is blasé in an “I don’t care” kind of way.

Picture credit: Vogue Russia July 2013 editorial styled by Olga Dunina

Fall Trend To Wear Now: Grunge

1, 3 – Walk of Shame, 2 – Poustovit

Fall Trend To Wear Now: Grunge

1 – Artemklimchuk, 2 – LUBLU by Kira Plastinina, 3 – Yulia Nikolaeva

Lofty over-shirts piled on top of thin dresses with ankle moto boots are the ultimate wear-now grunge essentials. It’s all about pulling different shapes together and grounding them in grays, blacks, and plaids. Picture an organized mess. That’s a quality, fashion-minded grunge look. Don’t forget the power of texture. Leather toughens up any ensemble, and lace lightens any grunge combo that is too rough.

There’s a thin line between grunge and punk. So long as you’re not bordering on all-black and going goth, you’re getting it. A glam red lip would help maintain a girly vibe, and stray from appearing too masculine.

Skinny pants are essential. Think black. Faded and distressed elements showcase personality. Shirts and jackets in tartans, denims, or leathers, all rigid fabrics, pair well back to simple tanks and tees. Feeling spunky? Get graphic and wear a message on your shirt. Graphic tees seal the look, while giving you something to say. What’s your mantra?

Fall Trend To Wear Now: Grunge

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The new grunge is a bit more cleaned up than that of the old. Oily hair is definitely out, so be sure to shampoo before you attempt this style! It’s all about being edgy, and owning it. Nothing tops off a grunge-cool look like a high-fashion black leather handbag. How will you rock it?

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